Oh hey, so I'm back, I wasn't gone for long. So this last weekend I did my final Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. 
So if you don't know about the Duke of Edinburgh award it's basically an award scheme set up by Prince Phillip to encourage young people to do more, it involves doing a skill, a physical (exercise) and volunteering. You also do an expedition, this (for bronze) involves walking around attempting to read a map and camping for one night.

I loved the fact that it got me doing more stuff out of school, I started more exercise and learnt a new skill, I also was forced into volunteering, something I was not looking forward to doing. But I ended up looking after animals, and I love it! This is the best thing about DofE it pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you try something new. And you never know, you may like it.

So as for the actual expedition: Hell. That sums it up in one word. I pretty much hated it. It was mainly because I was in a group with people I am not so keen on, and spending over 24hrs with them did not make me happy. The walking was tiresome, I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, after walking for over 7 hours. I have about 5 zillion blisters, so I can't really walk now. The camping again was pretty crappy, the weather was against us so that made us all miserable and therefore we all got down about the whole thing.

But thinking about it now, I am really really bloody tired, but I am so glad I have done it. I feel like I have learnt some really valuable life skills and I now know my limits. I know that I can work with people I'm not really fond of, and I know that I can be put in a high stress situation and I can deal with it.

Anyway, I thought I would just share with you all about my little ramble, sorry it was a bit everywhere but I am just reflecting. If you have any questions please comment or tweet me. I think I might do a little mini series, all about how to survive DofE and what to take and so on. So please tell me any requests (does that sentence make sense, I have no energy to check). I will have pictures coming up soon, but they haven't been developed yet! So yeah make sure you check back soon.

Thank you, See you soon.

Love Allie x x x x

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