So today I have a post that isn't really beauty related but I thought I would do it as it's interesting. So I made a video with me telling you all about how I revise, and that got me thinking. In the weeks where I do loads of revision I am very organised and my room stays tidy and I am just generally happier. 
If you are as un organised as me then you will know how stressful it can be when you come home to a mess and you then have to do work that you haven't prepared for.

So how do I actually organize myself?
I make lists, I make a list everyday and then some. So I saw on the SacconeJolys that Anna makes lists and this inspired me. I have tired many things to stay organised but making lists it by far my favourite thing to do.
So I have a little notebook that is just filled with my little lists. I will list everything that I want to get done in the day. For example I will put down "go for a run", "write up work" and "talk to..." I then tick them off when I get them done. 
If you are anything like me then you will hate having something incomplete, so if I have one box that has not been ticked off then I feel like a really have to get it ticked off and I will do it. It makes me get stuff done and I generally do them well as it means that I am aware of what I have to do and I will give myself enough time to do them.

I hope this was helpful, tweet me if you have any more tips.

Thank you, see you soon.
Love Allie x x x

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