Today I have another film review! Yay!

So I am going to tell you all about a film I watched maybe a week ago? So everyone has heard of the Life of Pi as it did come out ages ago. And everyone knows how amazing it is. But I thought I would add in my little rave as well.

The one thing I have to say to you is if you have not watched this film already go and buy it now! It is only £10.

So this film makes you think so hard. The gist of the film is that Pi is telling his story to an author who wants a good story. He then tells the story about being left alone on a boat with a tiger (Richard Parker). That story alone is amazing, if the film was only him on the boat with Richard Parker then that would be amazing as it is. The graphics truly are incredible and it is just beautiful to watch. 

This scene was truly gorgeous. Absolutely amazing.

But there is an aspect of religion, and what happens when you are left alone on a boat for a few hundred years with a tiger. Pi has several religions and each one has so much meaning to him. He actually begins by telling the author the story will convince him God is real. 

I am very interested in religion and why people believe and why people don't and I really think the film could have convinced me to become a very religious person. It does have a little twist at the end and that makes you think so much. 

I'm in love with Richard Parker

So yeah, sorry for the little ramble but I lurvvee this film a lot/ Like it is amazing. I really think your life would benefit if you watched it.
If you do prefer reading it is also a book so do check that out. Don't miss out just because you're not so keen on films.

Thank you see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x

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