Hi guys, sorry for not posting for over a week now. I just had a crappy week, and tomorrow I'm off on holiday, and there will be no signal so that's another week I'm missing. I thought I would just give you a bit of a list of what I plan to do next month and just chat really. 

So I have quite a big collective haul coming up. I have been buying things for ages now and I have just never got round to doing a haul, so I will give everything photographed and that should be up soon. It's a mainly little bits and pieces but I have found my new favourite nail strengthener!!
I have loads and loads of NOTD's coming up. I seem to paint my nails, and photograph them but I never seem to actually get it up. So look forward to those.
I have also been trying out 3 gradual tanners, so I will be reviewing those individually and then I will compare, they are all from the drugstore.
I am also planning on doing some recipe idea type posts, I have a second blog, check that bad boy out here, and I already have done a few recipes but I hope to expand that soon.
I also want to do more make up looks, like looks for school/going out/travelling.... 
So that is my basic plan for the next months if you have any requests/questions/fancy a chat then don't hesitate to contact me. You can tweet me or email me or simply comment.

Thank you, I'll try and write a few posts now to schedule for next week. See you soon.

Love Allie x x x 

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