Helloo, today I went to see Monsters University for Fe's birthday, and let me just say it was amazing. It was so funny, everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud. 

So it begins when Mike is a little kid and he goes to visit Monsters INC, he is really really small and gets shoved to the back and he is told he can't do anything. Then he goes off to Monsters University to persue his dream of becoming a scarer. At Uni he is told by pretty much everyone that he can't do it and is not good enough. Then he is kicked out of his scaring course. He then makes a deal the the head mistress (I think) and the deal is if he wins the Scaring Games then he gets to go back on his course but if he doesn't then he is kicked out all together. He has a pretty crappy group but he trains them up good. That's all I'm going to say as it is a really good story of how he and Sully became friends. I absolutely recommend you go and check it out if it is on at a cinema near you, or you get it on DVD because it really is so funny.

My face when watching it

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x x

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