I love having curly hair, it makes me so happy, I don't know why. Anyhoo so I ordered the Remmington Pearl Curling wand, I got this one as it was £20 (ish) and I have the Remmington Pearl Straighteners and they are excellent. 

So this is the wand, it goes from big to small and I love that, it means I can create different types of curls. You can see the packaging is gorgeous, it's all black apart from a little white flower detail. This really adds to the look. I do think the handle part feels a little cheap so it could be a little sturdier but I don't really mind. The wand it's self is ceramically (is that a word) plated, it makes the curling even easier.

As I said you can create different types of curl. You can make the curls tight by using smaller sections and by using the top part of the wand, which is a little thinner.
My favourite look is the waves, I just love the messy beachy look, which I have now. It is really simple to do, I will have a tutorial coming soon.

The wand comes with a silver heatproof case, with a draw sting at the top. It also comes with a heatproof glove, which is nice but I feel it just gets in the way as it isn't really tight enough for me. The wand also has a locking system. If it is plugged in but not on then this padlock comes on screen to show it's on and locked.

Finally, it has a range of temperatures, from 130 to 210. I love this as it means it caters for everyone's hair type and you can create different looks.

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x

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