Do you wear make up to travel in? I never know exactly what to do. If you are going via plane then you usually get a chance to take it off on the plane, especially if it's a long flight. But what if you are just going on a longish car journey? I used to always just do a full face as if I wasn't travelling. This will suit some people but for me it just never felt right. But now I think I have found the make up that does me well when I am going on a long journey.
So for the face I will be wearing Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, I really want to get the BB cream but if you have that then that would probably be better. Now I really dislike drugstore BB Creams but if you have one that works for you then I would recommend you use that instead of a foundation. I chose the Naked Skin as it is lovely. It feels great on the skin, and makes the skin look great. It has quite a sheer coverage but you can build it up. It is weightless and I think it would just be great for travel as it lasts all day.
For cheeks I will be using Soap and Glorys Cheek and Lip Stain ( I can't remember what it's called sorry). This lasts perfectly, and as it isn't a powder it doesn't give you that weighed down and cakey feel. It does stain fast so you must blend it in quickly but it is a great product.
For eyes I will just be taking the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer across the lids, also use this for any blemishes. I won't be using an eye shadow so this will just even out the lids and make your look feel more finished.
Eye liner will be and Urban Decay 24/7 Liner, these are amazing and you could use any colour. I will probably just use black. They last even if you do have tired eyes.
For mascara I will use the Benefit Bad Gal, I actually have this in a travel size any way which for me is perfect but it lasts through rain, even the non waterproof one so that is great if you are rubbing your eyes a little. My one problem is that my bottle has started to dry up :(.
You could also use powder to set it all but I'm not too bothered about that. I want my make up too look as fresh as possible.

So that is my travel make up, especially for hot car/train journeys. It is more based around long lasting and not really a glammed up make up look. 
Thank you, see you soon.
P.s Where are you going on holiday?

Love Allie x x x x 

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