So my mum and I decided to start the 2 day diet, it has other names but the basis is is that for 2 days a week you eat 500 calories and the other 5 you eat normally. I don't know the science behind it  but I have read so many positive stories about it I thought it would be worth giving it a go. I am only part way through my second day of doing 500 calories so I am no expert but I thought I would just talk you through what I am eating so achieve the 500 calorie goal. 
So the main point is to only eat fruit and veggies with a little bit of protein. So basically not having carbs. 

So here is a typical day for me:
For breakfast I am only really having a glass of orange juice. Juice can be quite high in calories so look out for the healthier ones. If I am feeling hungry in the morning I will usually snack on grapes or frozen grapes, I love grapes at the moment. They have 67 calories per 100g. For lunch I am having either a fried egg with the 1 cal cooking spray. This is really filling and is giving me protein. A fried egg has 91 calories so using the one cal spray goes up to 92. Or I'll have a small can of tuna, with a little bit of ketchup. Tuna has 63 calories and ketchup has 18 in per serving. Again this is filling and healthy. For snacks I am having carrot sticks, cucumber sticks... things like that. Cucumber and carrots are so low in calories and are really good for you. 
For dinner I am just going to have half a can of baked beans, these are low in calories and are really high in protein. They keep you full up for ages and taste good. If I am feeling super hungry I may have a quorn sausage. I am a veggie and I love quorn, it is so good for you and really low in calories. Now I'm not being super strict so if I do get hungry I can just snack on some veggies. 
So that is my little 2 day diet ramble if you have any questions don't hesitate to tweet me or comment.

Thank you, love Allie x x x x 

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