Ok so my eye brows are so so pale, like you can not see them if they are natural. 

And that is with a little colour left on from the day!

So everyday I am there filling them in and I hate it. They never look the same and they never look real, so I have started ti dye my brows. The kit I use is the Colorsport 30 Day Mascara Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Kit, I have this in Black and Dark Brown. 
I have used this product for a good few years now, it is so good, I really recommend it. 

So in the kit you get a little stick thing, for applying and mixing. You get the dye cream and a liquid developer. So what you do is mix in the correct amount (it says how much on the box, but it varies to what you are doing) of the cream and the developer in the tray. It looks a little bit like poo, but we can get over that. And then, for brows, you just apply on to the brows. I use an old flat topped brush to apply it to my brows as I feel it does a good job.

I just apply this straight to the brow all over, and make sure it's all covered. I like to go back over it both ways so the hairs are all covered. Then it recommends you leave it on for about 10 minutes, but the great thing about this products is that you can have a lot of control over what kind of colour you want. This will depend on how long you leave it on for. Now I like my brows to be quite dark so I leave mine on for about 20 minutes, but my mum doesn't want her brows to be too dark so she leaves it on for about 4. One thing you must remember is that it does develop over time, as once I left it on for an hour and my brows were crazy dark in the morning. So when you first take it off remember it will go at least 2 shades darker over time.

So you can see I am quite messy when I put this on. You want to put a little bit around the little fine hairs around the actual brow so you get a more natural look, as if you only do it in the shape you want you would be able to see the light contrasting hairs. But don't put it all over your face, as it will dye your skin. 
So just take it off when you are happy with the colour and you're done. It is so easy to do and the kit itself is about £5 so dead cheap. You get multiple uses out of it, the dye on the brow lasts about 25-30 days and so you just do it every month.

And that is the brow in all it's glory.
You can dye your lashes, but I don't dare do this by myself, as I once did and it felt like I was blind. No exaggeration. Obviously I wasn't blind and it did no harm, but it is better to do if you can keep your eyes constantly closed, which I didn't do. So if you have someone who will help you then you'll be fine but on your own it is difficult to get right.

I hope this was helpful... Thank you see you soon.

Love Allie x x x 


  1. Your eyebrows look great! I just tend to put a tiny bit of my hair dye on as I'm dying my hair for 5 minutes at the end, even though you shouldn't do that! Great how-to guide :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

    1. Thank you very much x x

  2. looks like i worked really well, your brows looks great! I'm new to blogging and was just wondering if you could head over to my blog and check it out?xx

    1. Thank you, your blog is really good x x

  3. your eyebrows look so good!

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    katy x

    1. Thank you, I entered! x x