So you will know that I got my nails shellac-ed, is that a word? You can check out my original post here. I have absolutely loved having them on, my nails have grown so much and feel so much stronger. I haven't been biting my nails at all, and I haven't even wanted to! Woop. So any way, I am so impressed with the nails. They haven't chipped at the tip at all, they have how ever chipped near to the cuticle. As your nails grow the bottom of the gel polish becomes vulnerable to chipping, so this is where mine have chipped. I have been putting cuticle oil on every day, so hopefully this will be doing my nails good. Any way I thought I would just give you a little update as to how my nails were after 10 days on. You can wear them for 2 weeks but I am going to take them off today because it is starting to chip away so I am starting to want to pick at it, which is not a good idea at all.

So to take them off you will need: Acetone, cuticle stick, a buffer, cotton pads and tin foil. So you want to begin by buffing at the gel, this is just going to remove the most protective layer, or at least make it easier to remove. 

Then you want to saturate the cotton pads ad apply one to each nail. Then wrap each nail in tin foil strips.

 You want to just leave the nails to soak in the acetone so then you leave your nails wrapped in the tin foil for 10 minutes. After ten minutes take the cuticle stick and the gel should just kind of scrape off. It looks like it is your nail that is coming off in the form of dust but it is actually the base coat. What happened with me was I thought I had removed it all but a little bit of the base coat was still on. This made it feel like my nail was in a very bad condition, but just buff away at the surface of the nail gently and it should be completely fine.

 I know that sounds disgusting but that is how it is done. I am then going to apply lots of cuticle oil and leave my nails to rest for about 3 days +.   And yeah that's it.

Good luck with your gel removals, have you ever had shellac nails done before, how long did yours last?

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x x

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