So I recently refurbished my room and while I was moving everything around I thought it would be a good idea to through away some old bits of make up that I don't use any more. I have managed to compress almost all my make up right down and I thought I would share that with you.

So I currently keep most of my make up in a gorgeous jewellery box I got for Christmas quite a few years ago. It is gorgeous, it is all mirrored and has a black floral print on the drawers.

So it has three drawers, two of which contain make up and one has my jewellery. I don't actually have any room for my drugstore foundations in the box, but I think I am going to purchase a jewellery tree so there should be room in the 3rd draw for those some time soon.

So in this draw I have my blushes, pressed powders, concealers, lip products and my Naked Skin foundation. I don't have many lip products but if my lipstick collection grows then I can see I will be in trouble. I also only have like 2 blushes.

So in my second draw I have all my eye things. This mainly revolves around my MUA Palettes and eye liners of many sorts. Compressing make up is hard as whenever you (well I do) go to throw something away you always doubt yourself and think will I use this again. 
I love this little draw set, it just fits everything (apart from the blooming foundations!).

You can find the box here, it is so gorgeous.

Thank you, Love Allie x x x x

P.s look out for a blog post with all my new Ikea storage. <3 Ikea.

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