On my hunt for the perfect nail strengthener I stumbled across the OPI Nail Envy. Now this stuff is pretty expensive (£18) but I found this for £8 on amazon. I have heard numerous reviews and I thought it would be worth giving a go. 

So in the packaging you get a little leaflet that tells you exactly when to put it on (2 coats on the first day, then one every other day. Then remove on the 7th and start again) I think this is so useful and it really does make it clear how to use it. As far as strengthening goes I think it is doing a good job. After I took my shellac off my nails were a little stronger naturally but after putting this on my nails are really growing fast and are staying at a good strength. They are not bullet proof by any means, but for me they are doing well. If you do see this on offer I would definitely pick this up as it is doing wonders for my nails.
You can also get this with a matte finish or shiney, so you can choose.

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x 

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