I got my nails done, woop. I love them. At the moment they are super short, I have had the most stressful few weeks so you know I turn to something comforting. My family and friends were going to get them done at a local salon so I thought I would go ahead and get mine done too. I went for Shellac as it is supposed to last that bit longer than a normal polish. Gemma, the technician, managed to actually get some kind of shape out of what is supposed to be nails. I thought that if I had a gorgeous manicure then I wouldn't want to bite my nails, it would give them a chance to get a bit of strength and a bit of length to them.

I got a gorgeous Piller Box red shade, and it has a gorgeous shiny finish. So Shellac is basically a gel polish that lasts for upto 3 weeks. This is how they did it: first they are thoroughly cleansed and buffed so there is a good surface for the polish to cling too. Then a base coat is applied and you put your hand under a UV light for 120seconds. After the base coat there is two colour coats, in between both you do the UV light. Then a top coat is applied and again it is put under a UV light. To finish a cleansing wipe is used on the nails. This is weird as you think the polish would just wipe off but it stays put. And then a cuticle oil is added and that's everything. For one person it takes about 25 ish minutes to do the whole prossess. 

So far I am really impressed with my manicure, I love it.

Thank you see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x

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