I don't know about you, but I do not read enough! It's so bad. I do love books and I love reading but I never seem to have enough time. And when I do have time I just want to sleep, so I am setting a challenge to myself to always have a book on the go. I don't know whether to buy a kindle, do you guys have one? Do they encourage you to read? 

So the book I am currently reading is the first book of a trilogy. Its the Lily Pascale trilogy and so far I am loving it. It's called Dead Clever and I am about half way through. It is really nice and easy to read and the character (lily) is really likable and you can sympathize with her.

I recommend this to anyone who hasn't read for a while and wants to get back into it.
So basically it's about this girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and moves back home away from London. When she gets to, I want to say cornwall/devon but I'm not 100%, she ends up getting a job at the University. But there has just been a murder.....
So that's all I'll say but it is a really good book. As I said it's reasonably easy to read and it always leave you wanting more.

Thank you, what books do you recommend?

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