So schools in Britain are going back to school at the start of September (in a few days!) and we all know how hard it is to think of health dinners to take, so I thought I would give you a few of my favourites.

So my first one is a simple sandwich. You just need a brown bread roll or 2 slices of brown bread (which ever you fancy) and then I just do a thin slice of butter/margarine and a little grated cheese. I then like to add some iceberg lettuce and baby spinach (I lovee spinach). For snacks I like dried fruit, so raisins, apricots... A really good thing to take is an apple, they are filling and taste so good.

My second lunch is a simple salad. I just buy a bag of Italian salad leaves, and put them in a box. I add some cubes of feta cheese and pine nuts. I like to eat my salad with the Ryvita black pepper crackers. They are so low in calories and really healthy and filling. I also love pistachio nuts, they are so yummy. But they are super high in calories so I only take a few.

My final meal is a pasta dish. So this is basically about 50-60g of wholewheat pasta along with a sauce of your choice. I love pesto or tomato sauce. You don't want to take anything to strong (smelling) and offensive, especially if you eat around all your friends. To add some protein you can add a little grated cheese. For snacks you can take some carrot and cucumber sticks.

That is my favourite meals to take to school for a healthy lunch. What do you like to take?

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x x

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