I love Maxfactor, every product I have tried from them has been such good quality especially since it is a drugstore brand. They have a really good selection of nail polish and they are only like £3.99 (I think). The bottles are a little smaller than others but, when do you ever use up a whole bottle of nail polish? So I think it is a great idea. They have recently bought out "full" sized bottles but personally I love the little ones.

So I have these 3 shades, the names/numbers have rubbed off so I can't tell you the shades. There is a really nice coral shade. It looks a little more orange here but it has pink undertones. The second is this gorgeous lilac. I love this colour, it almost has a matte finish and the colour is so gorgeous. The final one is a turquoise. It has a gold iridescent shimmer running through it. I don't like this colour as much as the other two as I don't think it compliments my skin tone but it would suit others.

Now these polishes definitely need at least 2 coats. When you put on your first coat it is pretty translucent and looks streaky. But if you let that dry properly and then apply another coat it looks great and super opaque. It lasts around 3 days and then starts to chip but I think they are super cute and have a really nice finish.

Thank you, have you tried any of Maxfactors nail products?

Love Allie x x x x x


  1. I really like the small brushes it makes it easier to paint your nails!!

  2. I do agree with you on the Maxfactor polishes, they are super streaky and chip so easily! xx