I don't know about you but I have my staple hairstyles I always do if I am in a bit of a rush or just can't be bothered. 
So my first one is just a simply top knot, so I flip my head upside down and pull it all into a bun.
Its really easy and simple, it gets my hair out of my face and when I take it out it's all wavy and pretty.l
I also love fishtail plaits at the moment. So that may be all my hair pulled into one, or just the front section then I would pin that back.
I also love pulling back the whole front section into a bobble and leaving the rest down. I then put in a bow or a flower over the bobble.
If I have a little more time I will curl it using my thick pearl curling wand. This gives so much volume, that lasts all day!

What is your go to hair style for school or work?

Love Allie x x 

P.s sorry for the short post, so busy with work! x

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  1. My go to hairstyles were a loose ponytail that I would bring to a side and also a plait that I would also bring to a side :)