I picked this up ages ago and I thought it was a really ace idea but to be honest I don't really like it.
So its basically a sponge with nail polish remover in and what you do is stick in the nail and twist it around. And to be fair it does usually get off the polish (must be 2 or less coats, not glitter) but when you bring your finger out it is all sticky and feels horrible. It doesn't make the nails feel nice and really if you do more than two coats or have a top/base coat on you're not going to get everything off.

I thought it would be a good dupe for the Borjois version (which everyone seems to rave about) but you can only use it once then it's ruined in sense. You just can't get into all the little corners of your nail to do a really good job. You would have to go over it with an orange stick or a cotton bud.

It is only £2.50 so give it a go if you want but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it.

Thank you, see you soon.

Love Allie x x x 

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