So I did a post all about these when they first came out, check it out here, and that was more of a first impressions. So I thought, now I have been using it for a couple of months I would update you on my thoughts.

My collection has now expanded, I have; Quenched and Cherry Me. 

Quenched is a colourless balm that is actually really hydrating. And Cherry Me is a lovely pink.

So you can't actually see the swatch for Quenched but Cherry Me has really nice build able colour. One coat is quite sheer but you can build it up to be quite pigmented. Cherry Me isn't the most hydrating and lip balm like, more of what I would say I lip butter would be. But Quenched is actually really nice. I actually had quite dry lips last night so I put a little of that on and my lips are really soft now :)

Have you tried these? Which is your favourite?
Love Allie x x x

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