This is a concealer that I have been using loads recently. I really like this concealer because it gives really nice coverage and looks like you don't have make up on.

To begin with I love the feeling I get when I put it on. Ha ha that sounds weird. It is a roll on concealer, so you apply it with a metal ball, a bit like a deodorant. It feels soothing on the under eye and I just really like it. There are only 3 shades: light, medium and dark. I have found that it is very yellow toned and this actually works really well to cover dark circles. 
This gives a really refreshing look and you can just pop it on if you don't fancy wearing any other make up.
Have you tried it?

Love Allie x x x


  1. Been wanting to try this product for a while, will be going out to purchase it soon!

    1. Good it is really good x