So I have been after a gel to tame my brows for ages, but I didn't want to fork out. So I saw this, and I have heard some good things about the Natural Collection Mascaras so I thought this would be a good start. I haven't actually used this on my lashes, just on my brows.

So the brush is bristles (not plastic) which you all know I love. Now the formula is actually really nice, it's not too thick but it does keep the brows in place. It grooms them really nicely but it doesn't keep them in place all day. It obviously doesn't have any colour, so you would have to have naturally dark brows or fill them in before hand (I suggest using powder).
Also this is only £1.99 so I think this is well worth having a look at.

What do you use to tame your brows?

Love Allie x x x

P.s I am going to be doing another brow gel, the Benefit gel and I will compare so look out for that.

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