I originally bought this as an eyebrow palette. I thought the brown would be perfect for filling in the brow and the paler shade prefect for highlighting. I actually really love this. If you do fill your brows in then it will wear off throughout the day, but you get that with any powder. So I seal mine with the Natural Collection Clear Mascara. This just makes it last that little bit longer. 

In the brow Mocha looks really great as you can build up the colour really nicely.

The shades are also really nicely pigmented. 

I 100% recommend this as it is under £2 and you can achieve so many looks with this. Also if you are new to make up then Natural Collection is a really great brand. They do loads of eye shadow duos but this one has to be my favourite just because it is so versatile. It is also fragrance free meaning it won't be as irritable as other products. 

Have you tried Natural Collection? What do you think?

Love Allie x x x

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