A bit of an odd collection today, but I wanted to share with you all the strengtheners/growth polishes I have and how well I think they work. I have thrown actually thrown a few out, so that shows what I think of them!
So I currently have 5 on my shelf.

The first one I got was from my friend for my birthday. It is the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth formula. Pick that up here, for under £5. I actually really like this, it didn't particularly strengthen my nails but I did notice they grew a bit and looked healthier and more moisturised. It is quite a thick formula so I only really put one coat on. It gives the nail a nice gloss and shine.

My next one is the L'Oreal 7 in 1 saviour. This is actually one of, if not my favourite. I feel like this one did the most for my nail and looks nice on the nail. Just looking on the website now, they have actually changed the packaging, but is still pretty much the same product. This is just over £5 check it out here.

This is the Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Polish. I have actually got rid of this one as I feel it didn't really do this. This has also been discontinued and you can't find it in shops.

This is part of the same range as the continuous growth, and is the Sally Hansen Continuous Strengthening Treatment. I do prefer this one a little more as I do think it strengthens and makes the nails look and feel stronger. I do also really like the packaging of these products.

The Sally Hansen Powerful Acrylic Gel is also pretty rubbish. I really don't like this. It is an incredibly thick gloopy formula that takes a very long time to dry. It also seems to do nothing for my nails. The brush is really hard to handle as well.

My final polish is the OPI Nail Envy. I do really like this. I feel like it really gives my nails a chance to grow. It is quick to dry and when you layer it is doesn't go soft. My only problem is that it is just under £20, which is pretty expensive. If you have the budget I would recommend you get this one but if you are looking for something a little cheaper go for the L'Oreal Treatment. OPI Nail Envy also comes in Matte and Shiny, so you can get which ever look you fancy.

If you are suffering from weaker nails I really recommend you invest in a good nail oil. It just nourishes the root of the nail and this means the whole nail will grow out looking and feeling healthier.

Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite strengthener?

Love Allie x x x


  1. I absolutely love OPI Nail Envy, it's absolutely amazing!! Like you I didn't really get on with Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps, it didn't do anything and took far too long to dry! x

    Rachael | ♥

  2. It really is! Yeah I was disappointed I thought it would do great things for my nails x

  3. It's a shame two of the Sally Hansen products were a disappointment. I have Nail Envy too, I really like it :) x

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