I absolutely love this colour, I couldn't not share it with you. It is actually my sisters Cat3Zoe's and she has just done a post on it too, so check that out.

As you know I love the Topshop packaging I think it is really cute and really draws your eye to the polish.

As for the colour it is a beautiful blue/purple. It looks different in every light and has a slight metallic glow to it. The coats are very thin. So when I first put it on it was very sheer. I then put a second coat on and I am happy with that. It isn't 100% opaque but I like the coverage. I wanted to try it out without a topcoat and I would recommend you would use one. It has chipped quite easily and I have had it on for two days.

It also took a really long time to dry. The first thin coat took about 15 minutes but when I applied another one it took over an hour and had that "gel" like consistency that feels like if you touch it it would move and slide around. Did that even make sense? Comment if you know what I mean. This would be a great accent finger shade or with a purple toned glitter over the top. I really do love this shade.

Overall I love the colour but Topshop could make the formula a bit better.
Do you like Topshop polish? Which is your favourite shade?

Love Allie x x x


  1. did it smell like grapes? ^^ i think i heard zoella saying topshop nail polishes smells like grapes in one of her videos :P

  2. Hahah I don't know Ill have to smell it x