It's so nearly Christmas I'm soooo excited. 
So this month I haven't really been wearing much make up and I have had a ton of breakouts, so my favourites will mainly be skin care.

To begin I have been loving my Quick Fix Face mask.

I have it for oily and spot prone skin and it really does treat my skin well. The first time I used this I really didn't like it, it left my skin irritated and sore. But this was probably because I left it on for ages, so follow the instructions and only use it for 10 mins at most.

Secondly I have been loving the Freederm Fast Track spot cream, this will probably always be in my favourites. It really does dry up spots super fast.

Finally for skincare I love this Tea Tree Toner, when this is used regularly it really works to clear up your skin.

So another favourite this month has been my hair drier. Not a particular one, but I do love mine. Any way back to the favourite, I have been trying this month to not use too much heat on my hair. I know what you're thinking, hair driers use heat. But to me it is no where near as bad as using a straightener straight on to the hair. If you know what I mean?
Any way I have been using my hair drier to create looks rather than styling products. It also makes the look last longer because it is being shaped from wet.

When I have been wearing make up I have been loving the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I have this in the palest shade and it matches amazingly. It feels really light on the skin, doesn't stick to dry patches and looks like skin, but nicer.

Finally I have been loving my burgandy top from forever 21, this was dead cheap and fits really well. It is the softest, comfiest top I own. 

What have you been loving this month?

Allie x