As you know I love the Remmington Pearl Wand, check out my review here, with the conical wand so I was looking forward to trying out the 32mm wand.
This wand is loads thicker than the conical and doesn't have the same effect at all. First of all it seems to be made of a different material. That is just how it feels as they are both made of ceramic but my hair seems to rub on it and not go on smoothly. If you know what I mean? When I remove my hair from it it almost seems to stick. I can remove it obviously but it doesn't feel smooth to remove.
It also takes more time to heat up than the other wand but it is only 30 seconds so I'm not bothered.
To use this wand you have to have pretty long hair. My hair is just past shoulder length and I can wrap it round the wand 2-3 times. It creates loads of volume and really nice curls. It also has a range of temperatures from 130-210C and I really like that as you can really personalise it.

Have you tried this? What do you think?

Allie x x 

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