So the Naked 3 has just been announced from Urban Decay and it has made me realise how much I want it! I have been doing loads of research and I am trying to decide which palette I actually want. £36 is quite a lot of money (for me) to spend on something that I may not use a lot. I know I'll use it but I want to make sure I use every single colour.

So I love the look of all 3! They are just gorgeous. The third one is very rosey toned and I think it just might not suit me. I am very pale and also have pretty red/tired/bloodshot eyes at the moment (I'm trying out some whitening eye drops so look out for a post on that). I think the pink would just make my eye look ever redder and sorer. I think it would be gorgeous for someone with darker toned skin. So my choice is between 1 & 2. Ooooh the hard choices I have to make. I must say I am leaning more towards number 2 just because I'm not very good at wearing dark colours and I feel like the paler colours will be more wearable for me. Bloody hell that was a long sentence, did it even make sense? What I'm trying to say is that I think I will use the second one more. Hahah that took ages.

Have you tried these? I have the Basics palette (check out my post here) and I love it so I know the quality will be amazing. I just don't know which?!

Allie x 


  1. i really want the naked 3 palette for christmas, fingers crossed! xx

    1. I hope you got what you wished for x