I'm back with my stocking fillers series and today I am going to tell you the best things you can get when you are on a budget.

Soap and Glory Fit for a King / Shearer Candles Tea lights (8 in a pack) / Underwater lights /
Phone Screen Cleaner / "I'm so bloody blonde sometimes!!" Purse / Curly Wurly Mug /
Hand Warmer / Natural Collection Hair Mask / Hair Turban /

There are loads of gifts you can get for under £10 but I wanted to attempt to make it unisex. I thought the Soap and Glory Fit for a King set was a really great idea as Soap and Glory products do all feel like a real treat and are amazing quality. Shearer Candles are a great brand, you can check out a detailed post on them here. The underwater lights, phone screen cleaner and mug are great secret Santa gifts if you have no idea what to get them. I love the purse and can think of several people who would love it! Hand warmers are amazing for winter. My only problem is that you can only use it once then you have to boil it, but they are great for me when I'm walking to school. I have like 10 and can not get enough. Hair masks/Face masks are great gifts for girls. I love putting together pamper sets for my friends/family. They are really cheap so you can fill up spare space (if you have a box....) with them. Finally the hair turban is something I kind of want for myself. I am always wrapping my hair in a huge towel and this would be perfect. Also something you can pair with the hair mask. 

I hope this budget post was helpful. Any requests don't hesitate to let me know.

Allie x 

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