I got some really nice beauty bits for Christmas this year so I thought I would share a few of them with you.
First of all I got the Sensationail Gel Nail kit. I didn't ask for this and it was a total surprise. As you probably know I love having gel nails, they last for ages and help strengthen so I was really pleased when I got this.

I also got some cute socks. A cute pair with cats and one with unicorns. Two of my favourite things!

Another amazing gift I received was the Black Market set of eyeliners from Urban Decay. I absolutely love Urban Decay anything, especially their 24/7 liners. They are travel sizes and it comes with 6 amazing colours.

look out for a swatch post soon
I also got a huge Toblerone, because they are delicious.

I got some other bits but didn't want to bore you. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and have a happy new year.

What did you get? 

Allie x

P.s I just have to share this cute pic with you. My cats got a cat bed and Max loves it!


  1. I'm jealous of that Urban Decay set! Haha x

    I nominated you for the Leibster award!

    1. It's gorgeous thank you xx