I absolutely love all my Real Techniques Brushes, but I thought I would share with you my top 5 picks. This post should be helpful to beginners in brushes and make up of just Real Techniques lovers.
I love Real Techniques brushes because they are affordable and amazing quality. 

5. At number five is the Deluxe Crease Brush. At first I wasn't sure about this brush. I initially thought it would bu to big for a crease brush but it actually is amazing. It applies product in exactly the right place and because it is so big the product doesn't really need blending out too much. It is the perfect brush to get a gorgeous smokey eye. It is also a good size for concealer. 
4. At number four is the Base Shadow Brush. This is a really nice base shadow brush but it also makes a really nice blending brush. It is super soft and fluffy and makes eye shadow really easy to apply.
3. Number three is the Duo-Fiber Contour Brush. Again it makes bronzer really easy to apply and because it is a duo fiber brush it means you can't really be too heavy handed. It is also really good for blusher and other powder products.
2. The Detailer Brush is at number two. I use this brush almost every day to smudge eyeliner and get a gorgeous smokey look. It also makes a great lip brush.
1. And at number one is the Buffing Brush. This is my ultimate, holy grail foundation brush. It is amazing not only for liquid foundations but for powders and creams as well. I also love to use this with liquid/cream blushers/bronzers. 

Another main thing I love about Real Techniques brushes is that they are so versatile. Each brush has loads of different uses. so you don't necessarily need every single brush. 
What is your favourite Real Techniques Brush?

Allie x


  1. Hi Allie! I love Real Techniques brushes -- they're affordable and amazing. I'll have to try more of their eye brushes -- I've been more drawn towards their face brushes. I'm a huge fan of their Buffing Brush, as well, the Expert Face Brush, the Blush Brush and the Powder Brush.

    xx Lauren // Dirty Blonde Ambition

    1. Yeah, the face brushes are amazing, but the eye brushes are also really good xx