You know what I'm like with my nails, always looking for new products that will help me with my nails. I have recently got my nails to become pretty healthy and I think that is down to this product. I love using nail oil on a whole, I think it is so nourishing so when my Sally Hansen oil began to run out I looked around for the best thing. I found that the Burts Bees Cuticle cream has loads of rave reviews so I thought I would give it a go.

I have never tried anything from Burts Bees before but after this I really want to. So it is a little bit like a lip balm. It is in a little tin and is pretty much a balm but for your nails. It is lemon scented, which at first I didn't really like but it has grown on me. You only need a small amount and it really does nourish the nails in the nicest way. It makes my nails feel moisturized and clean and I really think it has helped make them stronger.
This is now my favourite nail product and it's not too expensive. I really recommend you give this a go if you are looking for a new nail oil.
Have you tried this before? If not what is your favourite nail product?

Allie x


  1. I've never tried it or anything like this! I am totally uneducated about stuff like this!


  2. I absolutely love that cuticle cream! I try to apply it daily! Just followed on GFC & Bloglovin, Great blog! xo

    That Quirky Panda

  3. I'm gunna try this out, I'm looking for something that will strengthen my nails. I work with my hands a lot and it takes its toll on my poor nails, thanks for the recommendation! x

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