I picked this up last week and I have used it a couple of times since then, so I thought I would so a 'first impressions'. 
So firstly I love the packaging, I think blue and pink work really nicely together and look really cute. 
It says on the bottle, "Lightweight Primer. Smooth Poreless Looking Skin" The product is a clear gel that when on the skin is very lightweight. It really does make the skin feel really smooth and makes a great base for make up. It minimises pores to an extent but I wouldn't say it makes them completely disappear. 
Overall I really like this, it makes putting make up on really easy especially if you are suffering from a few breakouts and uneven skin. It is great for the price and I really recommend this. Click here to get it (£7.99).

Allie x


  1. I haven’t tried this yet. I have read mixed reviews! I have a handful of primers and I dont use them very often but have considered picking this up to see how it compares.

    1. Yeah I have heard a few mixed reviews, I think for the price it is pretty good xx