If you know me and have been following me you'll know I love having my nails gel-ed. You'll also know that I have had problems with weak nails and short nails. I have found that having a gel manicure helps my nails build up a bit of strength and they look beautiful.

I went for a black, that isn't really that festive but I thought it would look amazing with the glitter. I got the "snow" affect, this is an affect that I haven't heard of before but I think it looks amazing. I also got my ring ringer accented. I really love the look of black and silver and this effect will be something I will be trying again.  
If you saw my Christmas Haul then you will know that I got the Sensationail kit so I can do as many gel manicures that I want, having them done at the salon can be pretty expensive so I'm looking forward to doing it myself.
Have you had your nails Shellac-ed? What do you think? 

Allie x

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