I feel like I have finally got a set routine, it's not something I use every day because let's face it, I'm pretty lazy. I can't always be arsed to exfoiliate. 
First I get in and wet my hair. The shampoo I am loving at the moment is the Herbal Essences Hydrating Shampoo (£3.89), I really feel like this is helping to keep my hair mouisturised and healthy. It has a coconutty scent that isn't too powerful.
Secondly if I am using a hair mask I will put this on so it can be soaking in. The John Frieda Frizz Ease Mask (I can't find the link but here is the range from £3.99) is sooo good. It is the nicest hair mask I have used. If I don't use a mask I probably won't condition my hair, I just haven't used a conditioner in so long.
Thirdly I use the St Ives Exfoiliater (£5.49). This makes my skin super smooth.
Next after I have finished rinsing and that stuff I try and keep my hair in my towel, I am trying to use the least amount of heat on my hair as possible so towel drying it means less heat. I also spritz on some Dove Hair Oil (£3.59), I only use this if I haven't done a hair mask. This detangles and keeps my hair healthy. Also has anyone tried the Batiste Conditioner thing? I really want to try this, opinions would be good in the comments, ta.
Finally I just blast my hair with my hair drier and moisturise with the Ted Baker Treasured Orchid Body Souffle (£6.50). OMG this stuff smells so good. Full Stop.

What's in your routine?

Allie x 

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