Last week you may have noticed I was absent. I actually went to The Netherlands for a few days on a little school trip. I was going to do a few posts in the run up to the trip of what I was taking, but to be honest I didn't take much in terms of fashion, skin care and make up. I thought I would share a few pictures with you and tell you a little bit about what I did. 

First we visited Amsterdam, we went to Anne Franks house. We weren't allowed to take photographs in the house and museum, I did get a few post cards though. It was such a strange feeling going into her house, I felt like I knew her and it almost felt like I have been before. We also went around Amsterdam and looked at the key parts that linked with our work. I absolutely loved Amsterdam, it is such a beautiful city and yeah, I love it and definitely want to go back and just wander around.

We went to both a war cemetery and a civilian cemetery. This might sound really odd but I really like cemetery's anyway but I loved the war cemetery. All the gravestones were the same, even though some men may have had a higher ranking when they were alive, and I loved that; showing everyone is equal.

Our last "educational" visit was to Camp Vught. It was a concentration camp, and it was a weird feeling being there. It felt almost unreal, and I didn't find it that sad, maybe because it was such an unbelievable thing that happened. I didn't take many pictures there because I just wanted to look properly. 

Finally we went to a market and I got to go to the top of a high, high church and I got some amazing pictures. I loved the market and got a couple pieces of jewellery. It was amazing how well everyone spoke English. 

I loved the trip and really hope I go back soon.

Allie x

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