A couple of weeks ago I purchased some *more* nail strengtheners from L'Oreal, so far I have been so impressed with this one and I thought I would show you how well it has worked with me.

This was two weeks ago, my nails were bitten pretty far down and in a general really bad condition.

But after two weeks of using this on and off my nails have grown loads and are feeling really strong.
You are supposed to use this everyday, one thin layer. The polish itself is really thin and liquidy (is that a word) I really like this as it means you can layer quite a lot and it doesn't start to peel off.
I used this everyday for a week and then for the second week I kind of used it/used it when I remembered. I love how this has worked so far. 
I can't find this online anywhere, half of the range are hereHere is the link to the L'Oreal website. You can also find it in stores.

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal Nail Care range?

Allie x

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