My second tag in a week, get me. I saw this on Rosina's Blog and I just had to do it.

Who are your most influential bloggers and who do you really rely on for reviews?
The blog I check the most is probably Ms Budget Beauty, she was the first beauty blogger/vlogger I came across and love her blog and YouTube channel. I also love Molly from What Molly Loves and Sammi from Beauty Crush.

Do you buy a product soley as a result from one review from your favourite blogger, or do you look for more reviews from others?
I have bought products soley from one review, like the Dual Action Moisturiser (£3.59) from Khila's blog. If I do buy something from one review I usually trust Khila the most. I usually do a good amount of research before hand.

What is your favourite item that you have bought as a consequence of blogs?
I love my Naked Basics (£20). I also absolutely love my Real Techniques (from £5.99) collection, that is getting quite large now (yay).

Name 5 products you have bought due to a blog:

What is your least favourite product you have bought as a consequence of a blog?
I can't think of any to be honest, I generally quite like everything I buy.

Have you ever given in to blogger hype?
I think the main thing is MUA (from £1)products, they are great brand and I wouldn't have come across them without reading blogs. 

Is everything you buy based on a blogger review or do you just buy stuff without checking?
I would say 25% of what I get is based on blogger reviews, but usually most things I buy are out of impulse.

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