I bought this the other day, whilst shopping for some Giveaway goodies, and to be honest I don't know what I was thinking. This shade looks awful on me, so awful I can't even bring myself to put up a picture with it on.

Now I do really like the shade but it just doesn't suit me. The shade is 15, juicy (£1). It is a really nice pinky/coral/peach colour, I am just too pale to pull it off. What I love about MUA lipsticks is that they have a bit of product in the bottom on the tube, so you don't have to be whapping out every lipstick to see the shade.
The actually product is really nice. It has a familiar scent, that smells kind of cheap but kind of not. It is very creamy and goes on very well. It also lasts a good amount of time. This is only £1, so I'm not really bothered it didn't work out for me.

Have you tried MUA lip products? What do you think?

Allie x

Ps I have been messing around with my new camera, what do you think of the pictures?


  1. Love this lipstick (:

    1. The shade is gorgeous but looks awful on me x