Yes, I have gone a bought more nail strengtheners. They probably do nothing, but I love them, it's almost an addiction. So L'Oreal had an offer on so I thought I would treat myself, my OPI has nearly run out and I was going to get some more but I saw these and they interested me.

Expect proper posts coming up on them soon but so far I am loving them. I love the packing, I love that they are colour coded. Yeah, they seem great. If you read a previous post you will know that I (stupidly) bit all of my nails off. I am soooo angry with myself. So I am looking for something to keep my nails growing well, because I was doing so well. I loved my other L'Oreal strengthener so I am hoping these will do me well.

Have you tried these? What did you think?

Allie x

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