I gave myself some quite hard new years resolutions, and now we are in March I have realised I haven't really achieved or started to achieve many of them. Writing this post I have realised I can't spell achieved either. Here are ten things I want to achieve this month.

1. Take more photographs.

2. Write more stuff for my blog, I write loads but I have patches where I might not write anything. Or I might right loads. So I want to be more consistent.

3. Use up products I already have without buying anything else. I have like 7 mascaras, yet I still buy more.

4. This goes with 3, try not to buy anything and go on a spending ban. I just keep buying stuff that I don't even need.

5. Work really hard towards my GCSEs, last week was my mocks and I found it very difficult, I need to start putting in more work.

6. Eat healthier and do more exercise. This is a must! I have spent the last two weeks sat down, revising and eating. Not good.

7. Take more opportunities, I need to start saying yes more.

8. Drink more water, my skin is so bad at the moment and I know that is because I am not drinking enough water and I'm not eating the right stuff.

9. Lighten my hair, my hair is dark at the ends and I want them to light again.

10. Finally I want to keep my room, desk, make up storage clean. I need to tidy more because when my room is a mess and I don't want to do anything. Yes, tidy house, tidy mind.

What do you want to achieve this month?

Allie x


  1. I personally think that you can never have too many mascaras! They are the best product that I use! :D
    Lovely post!
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