Helloo, I have decided it's time to get fit and start doing things properly. I felt awful last week because I wasn't moving around enough and I was eating all the wrong things. I thought I would start logging my progress in with you guys as a bit of extra motivation and just something to keep me going.
This is the first one and I'm not exactly prepared (spur of the moment type post) but I thought I would let you know what I plan to do with this feature.
Now, I don't weigh myself, so don't expect weigh ins or anything like that. I think the minute you start weighing yourself regularly is the minute something could go wrong. It is so easy to become obsessed with weighing yourself also it isn't an accurate measure of how healthy you are as muscle weighs more than fat.
I will be posting healthy recipes on the Fitness Friday posts, with pics of what I have been eating.
I will also share with you any workouts I have been enjoying or something I feel is working particularly well.

Sorry for the short one but I wanted to get it up today (friday) so it all links in. I would love any fitness tips, stuff like recipes, apps, exercises.... Please comment or tweet me (@yougottabgorgex) with any advice.

Allie x


  1. I also want to get fit for summer, my tip is to drink up to two liters of water a day!! It really mad a big impact on how hungry I feel and staying healthy!!

    1. I really need to drink more water, great advice thanks xx

  2. How do you stay so motivated?

    1. I look at clothes for summer that will look really nice xx