I'm back with my second installment of #fitnessfriday! Yay, how have you all been doing? I have been quite good exercise wise, but food wise I have been not good. For today's post I thought I would just do a bit of a check in really, a personal post.
I have been to the gym twice this week, which is pretty good. We have a fitness suite in school and we basically pay a tenner at the start of the year and we can use it whenever we want. I think that is an ace deal, so cheap, and it helps keep me moving. My problem is I just find working on equipment so boring. I just get soo bored but I try and keep going. I work on the cross trainer, treadmill and bike. I always always go on the bike so I am trying to switch it up a bit. I definitely feel I am getting used to it and I feel like it's not doing much for me any more. So today I did the cross trainer for half an hour, I had it on a rolling setting which basically means the resistance changes automatically on a rolling setting. If I just do a manual workout then I always put the resistance on dead low and that's not helping anybody.
I also walk to school everyday and do a lot of dancing so I think exercise wise I have been pretty good, but I can always try harder.

You see what I mean by rolling?

My food intake has not been good one bit. Actually today was good but that's it. So it was my sisters birthday so of course I had to get a take out pizza. And then yesterday I was at my friends for dinner so did not eat well. 
I have been eating well throughout the day but as soon as I get home I just eat. For my lunches I have been taking mixed nuts, cucumber, carrot sticks, grapes.... Stuff like that. I am trying to purely eat fruit and veg throughout the day so at least when I get home if I do snack I can almost excuse it.

Haha this post was the biggest ramble in the world. How has your week gone fitness wise? Do you have any advice/tips for me on trying to stay motivated in the gym?

Allie x

ps I have just given myself a really nice manicure and it's just bloody smudged. :'(

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