One of my last posts was all about my hair envy and how I reallyyy want to dye my hair. I won't be able to do that for a couple of months as we are not allowed coloured hair for school. I thought I would prepare my hair now for what I might be putting it through. I have coloured ends, they are brown, and I am starting to lighten them with the John Frieda Go Blonder Spray (£6.46), this is really not good for my hair but I like to think it is slightly better than fully bleaching it and stripping it. To 'counteract' the bleach I have bought a few bits of hair care.

Most of my purchases were Herbal Essences, I don't know why but I love this brand. I am running out of the Hello Hydration Shampoo (£1.86)so I got another one of them. This shampoo is really lovely and stops my hair from drying out.
I also purchased the Bee Strong Hair Mask (£1.96) and Leave In Conditioner (£2.20). They are supposed to keep your hair looking and feeling nice and strong and I want strong hair. I must say the scent isn't what I expected. It isn't the nicest thing, but it isn't horrible. It's just unexpected.
I got some more heat protection spray. I wanted to get some more of this because the blonder spray works much better with heat so when you use it you are advised to straighten your hair. I wanna keep my hair nice and safe.
I got a couple of hair scrunchies (£1.70), because normal hair ties just rip my hair out. I also got some tweezers (£3); just because I need some.
I got all of these products for about a tenner, so I was dead happy with that. Check out Amazon if you are in need of some new beauty products.
Oh my mum and dad also picked me up some tie dye socks, all proceeds went to the homeless centre.

What hair care do you use?

Allie x

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