This past week I have been sitting my mock GCSE's. Now, I'm not going to lie, I did not do enough revision and I haven't done the best in the exams but I was really calm. Haha that reflects in my results. 
So one thing I would suggest when you have exams coming up is to stay organised. So that might just be packing your bag the night before, or doing loads of revision. I personally like to get up on the day of the exam and just do no work. I like to keep my mind blank. So I pack my bag the night before and lay out my uniform; so that when I wake up all I have to do is eat and leave.
Also have a laugh with your friends. This is so important, well it was to me. To just laugh, after an exam, if it went badly, just laugh. The exam itself won't make the largest amount of difference (GCSE BTW) in your life, so just laugh about it. This helps relieve so much stress.
Finally revise a little bit everyday. Do not rely on cramming everything in the night before, the sooner you start revising the better off you will be.

My little cat keeps me :)

Allie x

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