Today is my first first impressions post, I hope to do more of these as I love watching them on youtube, people like ItsJudyTime.

Today I am looking at the 17 On The Spot Foundation (£6.99), I got this a while back but never really used it but at the moment I am having such bad breakouts. I want to cover them but at the same time I don't want to be piling on products that are going to make my skin worse. I feel like this product is a sort of compromise... Although wearing no make up at all would be the best option I feel that this would be a better option than another foundation. 

"SEVENTEEN On the Spot Foundation
Flawless full coverage AND clearer skin in 4 weeks!
Hit the target with SEVENTEEN On the Spot foundation."

This is what 17 say about the product/ From my use today I would say it has very high coverage, it is quite thick and it is something I would usually stay away from. It does actually give quite a flawless finish and I am quite liking it. I don't really know it it will clear up my skin, I will have to report back in 4 weeks. I believe it contains salycilic which is used in loads of skincare, so that should be good.

Mine is in soft ivory, which is slightly darker than my skin tone, but it's fine when you blend it out. Just looking on the boots website there is actually a shade lighter, so maybe I should try that one next if I use my first bottle up.There is quite a good shade range.

I also love that it is SPF 15, which is great for summer/spring especially when the suns out.

You can see it has good coverage and you can barely see my pretty bad breakouts. I think I will definitely keep up with using this even if it has no effect on my skin because it had good staying power and made my skin look pretty good. It also has quite a matte finish but doesn't cling to dry patches.

Overall I seem to quite like this foundation, have any of you guys tried it? I would love your opinions. 

Allie x

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