I am rubbish at doing monthly favourites because I usually stick to the same products. So I thought I would just do "currently loving" posts, so I can update you but I am not tied to doing it every month.

Nails | Sensationail Kit: I have been loving this kit since I got it, I think I have done 3 manicures so far, so 1 a month. I like to do one, which lasts 2 weeks, then give my nails a break for 2 weeks. If you get me? It gives my nails a change to grow out without them getting broken or damaged. I love this kit and I am so glad I got it for Christmas.

Nails | L'Oreal Nail Care: I did a post about these when I got them and I have tried to use them every day when I don't have a gel manicure. I absolutely love them I think they are the best nail care products I have used, other than my Burts Bees Cuticle Cream. They are great.

Hair | Herbal Essences Bee Stronger Leave in Conditioner: I use this after I have had a shower but haven't used a hair mask. I don't usually condition my hair but I do a hair mask 1-2 times a week. On the other days I use this and it de-tangles my hair whilst keeping it strong and healthy.

Skin Care | Superdrug Tea Tree Foam Cleanser: I actually have super bad skin at the moment but I think this cleanser has helped a bit. It probably isn't the best time to be trialling and reviewing a cleanser but this leaves my skin feel really soft and clean and I beleive that Tea Tree anything is good for the skin so I think it is great.

Make Up | Natural Collection Eye Shadow Duo Mocha/Latte: This product has been in my favourites almost every month, I love it so much. I use it every single day for my brows and recently I have been getting into using only this palette for my lids. It is only £1.99 andI get so much use out of it.

Non Beauty Favourites

Documentary | Louis Theroux LA Stories City of Dogs: If you know me you will know I LOVE documentaries. They are just amazing, I especially love Louis Theroux, you may have head of him, you may have not but he makes the best docs in ever. I ahve seen like all of them. He has a new series on BBC 2 about LA and so far I have seen the first one. I probably will have seen the second one by the time this goes up. This first one actualy made me well emotional, animals are my weakness and if it wasn't Louis then I probably would have turned of because it was so sad. But I lurve him so I watched it.

Documentary | Under Cover Doctor: Cure Me, I'm Gay: I only watched this today but I thought it was well interesting. I hate the fact that people think that being gay can be cured, Dr Christian made such good points throughout the whole thing and I think it's ace he actually did some of the "cures".

Food | I am loving taking mixed Italian Salad leaves, with mixed nuts and a but of feta cheese for my lunch. That's all I can really say about that. It fill me up and is dead yummy.

What have you been loving this month?

Allie x


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