This week I have been lacking motivation, a lot, so I thought I would do a motivational picture post. I've been stuck in doing revision all week so I haven't really been out properly to get a chance to do some proper exercise. I have been going on early morning walks with my dad, which are a great way to make yourself get up and go. Usually I would still be asleep/lying in bed now (8:35) but I have already been for a walk, done 50 minutes of revision, had food and written this post. Getting up early really does mean you get more done. Anyway on with the pictures...

Motivational Monday | Sprinkle of Glitter

Also I think I shall start the squat challenge today, if you are doing one or want to join me that tweet me @yougottabgorgex .

Have a great day :)

Allie x


  1. Hi!! I've nominated you for Liebster Award! Find out more here =)
    Love, Beatriz