I got this make up remover a couple of weeks ago, I have previously only been using make up wipes, I know shock horror what a beauty sin I was committing. So I had a look in boots and I ended up getting this one, I probablly got this one because it was cheapest, but also I really like garnier skin care it works well with my skin.

So I'll begin with the bad, and this may just be human error, I can not work the bottle. Ok, I say that I can work it you just flip open the top and pour it onto a cotton pad. Easy? No. The opening is just at a weird angle and I always end up pouring it all over the floor because it comes on so fast, whatever you do, do not squeeze it. That is really the only thing I don't like about this.

As for the actual product, it's really nice. It gets off eye make up, even waterproof mascara really well and doesn't irritate your eyes. I have quite sensitive eyes and it does make my eyes go a little red but they don't feel irritated or anything they just look red for a bit then go back to normal. If you are using this all over your face make sure you use a cleanser afterwards as it leaves a slight oily residue. It's great as it is suitable for sensitive skin and has no perfume and no alcohol. 

Overall I really like this product, I haven't used many other removers so I don't have much to compare it too. I have used the L'Oreal Micellar Solution and I think the L'Oreal is prbably better, it just feels nicer and works slightly better. But the Garnier is great if you are on a budget as it is currently only £2.17. So dead cheap and does the job well. You can buy it here.

What is your favourite make up remover?

Allie x

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