This week it is the dance festivals, which I love. You may/may not know that I love dance, I like to think I'm alright as well. Though I'm not one for performing, when I do it I love it but I suffer pretty bad anxiety and get awful stage freight. I do exams and syllabus work and I also teach. So I do a lot and spend a lot of my time dancing. Anyway, if you don't know what a festival is I shall explain all. You can do it solo/duet/trio/group..and you can do any kind of dance/singing performance. There are loads of categorizes and it is open to all ages.  Anyway this evening I am going to watch some of the group performances and I thought I would do a little get ready with me.

Wow, what a long winded intro... Maybe I should just do a post about dancing.

I wanted quite a light look because it get's so hot and nobody wants their make up melting do they. I used:

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I just had a light look on the eye, I kept it matte to keep it subtle and gentle. I used Faint on my brows to darken them and fill them in and I used Crave as a bottom and top liner for a bit of definition. At the moment I have been layering my mascaras for a bit more ooomph. I haven't really been using my MAC Face and Body very much, because it is quite sheer and at the moment I need more coverage. But it just stays on forever. So pairing it with a full coverage concealer is all good.

That is my little GRWM post, I hope you enjoyed it. I like these posts and I love watching them on YouTube because it shows an honest view and shows what exactly people use and what they really like. Does that make sense? What's your favourite everyday bits?

Allie x


  1. I love the maybelline mega plush mascara, it's one of my favorites! The bronzer looks amazing, perfect for the spring. Lovely post!
    Nora =)
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc

    1. It is a really good mascara, it's had some bad reviews though! The bronzer is really gorgeous xx