Today I thought I would just do a real life post, not that my other posts are pretend but you know what I mean. I thought I would do a lifey post and just talk at you guys.

So recently I have been obsessed (let me just confirm obsessed is an understatement) with Essie Button. Don't ask me why, I have always known she's there and I have dabbled with her videos but like yesterday I went through so many of her vlogs. And today, including right now, I have been watching her beauty videos non stop. I think I am in love with her a little bit. She is just what I want to be in life, she has a great blog and Youtube channel and she has Reggie, fyi I love greyhounds so much. Fav dog breed ever. I think I shall stop talking about her now 'cos it's getting kinda creepy.

What else... Yeah so my GCSE's are in what like 5 weeks. You'd think this would be enough encouragement to start revising, no. I did two hours today. Like they were two solid hours but I didn't really learn much at all. I also have a german speaking exam when I get back to school. It is so fricking hard to write. Like I don't know any german and I don't know anyone who does know german. So Google Translate is my best friend at the moment.

Today I took a shot at making a video, because I kind of what to get into that side of the internet, maybe. It went ok, I have deleted all the videos I took though, I was just trying. I could not get the angle right, like every time I tried I had multiple chins. I know they are there, but I want to conceal them from the internet, not something people need to see. On a side not I am addicted to Custard Creams, you know the biscuit. Yeah they're good.

Last night I actually watched Argo, and it was pretty good. Right when I first heard of it, not going to lie to you, I thought it was about gladiators. Because you hear Argo, this seems pretty gladiatory right? No? Ok maybe I am just very ignorant. I got to half way through and I then thought it was time to accept gladiators were just not going to appear. It was actually quite political, and yeah, I didn't get some of it but overall I thought it was pretty good. Also my fav guy, Bryan Cranston was there. Love that guy. He was just sooo amazing in Breaking Bad. Love that show.

Ok I am going to stop talking (haha I'm not talking out loud as I write this..) and leave you to do your thang.

Any lifey stuff going on with you? I just fancied a ramble today, I want to start maybe doing a few lifey posts not just beauty....

Allie x

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